film machine learning photography

10 for insisting on using film machine learning photography

10 for insisting on using film machine learning photography

Although we have entered the era of digital photography for many years, canvas prints online but still have a lot of friends feel about film cameras and photography. All say photographic equipment is buy a new don't buy the old, but the digital shadow is really taken completely crushed in all aspects of film photography? May be it doesn't have to be. Small make up because of too young, not too deep for film photography era experience did not dare to jump to conclusions, let's look at the senior photographer Christopher Cheng for film photography and film camera how to go ahead.

In the entry card machine is only worth hundreds of dollar, everyone is holding a cell phone photography ability, canvas prints au camera into each readily available tools, but interested in learning the photographer, often because of automatic exposure, focus of camera, digital s composition technology, completely dependent on camera or after the system software, ignore the important basic skills of photography. Put forward in this day and age, with manual film camera as the best choice to learn photography, some people think that it's a fable that, there are many photography enthusiasts. I love digital photography here introduce you, recommend reason for beginners to learn by manual film camera, slipt photo canvas prints and I am of the view.


Youth circle of film photography, someone smile said Nikon FM2 because people are familiar with, be preferred in pseudo wen-ching. Relative electronic SLR development up to now, most cannot leave the same design; Manual s film cameras, each have a special type and texture. Line hale and hearty, metal fuselage lens, each photo manual a piece and so on, all fascinating on your appearance and operation. Price, of course, is you hang your camera, or used to shoot, inevitably attract others admire evil spirit/strange eyes, even a few words to say. Company of the manufacturer are to launch a new camera, restoring ancient ways to attract attention in home and modelling design trends are a cycle.

Film is Unforgiving

Have heard that the film's physical characteristics and processing of chemical reactions, more let a person feel the images of "temperature, speed, gentle and anger"; But in the technical level, film really heartless. A tube of stealing several more, also only about 40 a chance for you, a little chance for error. Use positive film, exposure difference more than the level, already cannot be redeemed. Even if you have unlimited film, will also heartache, especially if you want to stay "moment", miss is irreversible. Ruthless restriction, allow you to attach more importance to every opportunity, quality more than quantity, also directly works fine degree of ascension. Without modern science and technology assistance, photos success or failure, most care about your photography skill.


First, referred to in the following, is not P (exposure), A (aperture priority), S (shutter priority) model of manual camera. Of course, you could argue, I have the function of manual camera, adjust to M (manual) all can! I would say that you can turn off the screen preview, keep the camera only single segment time ISO, full do not check the screen? (laughs) is like a primary school does not allow students to basic mathematics, computer learning is so as not to students, even the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in the future will rely on the computer.


In electronic s camera image processor, a light meter accurate calculation for us all, not many people are willing to take the time to learn again Sunny 16 method (Sunny 16 Rule), on the premise of fixed film lv, safe shutter, luminosity in different environment, transform the aperture size, simple revealed the basic application of aperture and shutter speed. There is quite a negative tolerance, design is to make photography to meet exposure Settings, keep high and low light for more details, and adjust the space. Even in the digital age, the camera also can't percentage hundred accurate metering, sunny 16 method in high contrast with big useful in metering fails.

Manual Focus.

Digital age, we in the evaluation of the value of a digital SLR camera with practical degree, the automatic focus number, distribution, speed, the criterion, become an important indicator, not because of the focus to choose some water mark, and in the BBS loud noise. But without the camera, after mirror from the advantages of shorter with third party vendors to develop many adapters, to a large number of old and manual focus lens rebirth, even bring up the boom. Sony is more NEX camera first to join the peak Focus (Focus Peaking) function, to attach importance to other manufacturers to support manual Focus.

With one hand to human eyes into manual s turn the focusing ring, is the focus system, speed than today's science and technology, of course, but the absolute leading theory of reliability, focusing process also let the photographer have more space, more could think about photography. Traditional focus there are two ways, one is relying on the crack of the camera, such as, yellow spot, foldover focusing tools; Another kind is relying on traditional lens depth of field scale, with the scope of the aperture and the depth of field in advance adjusted, fast, specially note composition within the observation window, in emergency situations and the street is very convenient.

The ISO Isn’t Auto

S film photography, the most headache for journalists, die too sensitivity limit, especially in the indoor and the night, to choose the wrong film was halfway back to replace, so crustily skin of head to complete a barrel in the machine. Per barrel film selected lv, you can limit you must light from the darkness, with the environment at the same benchmark improve aperture shutter set, learn how to cooperate with each other.

Missile you down

This is also a lot of habits digital camera photography, back to film photography. Photography technology is making photography is more popular, but also let us in the less constraints, more unnecessary, repeat, and even bad photo, waste more time between after selection, the system, the remedy. With the emergencies, photography in most of the time should press the shutter, pressing the shutter thinking ideas, reasons, and this kind of "slow", also make you more in-depth study of each set of photography, to shoot better works.

Being Gear

Although 135 film of the fuselage, has dropped to nearly ten thousand dollar, but the whole manual film SLR, even the standard lens can be cheap to bumps in dollar (such as the Russian M42, Fujica X, Pentax Ricoh/K shackle, etc.), and the more popular the whole machinery of SLR (such as Nikon FM2, Pentax MX, push around OM – 1, etc.) or paraxial camera (such as Voigtl? Nder R, Leica M, Konica Hexar RF), as long as you shop around before buying, any price unceasingly is also relatively digital camera. And on the repair and maintenance, all manual mechanical cameras are also easier. Every tube film purchase to rush and cost, the most flat temporarily about six or seventy dollar; In these several years really maintain film prices, but an introduction to common negative price, still remain at a reasonable level.

No Need to Upgrade

For example, if you are satisfied with Nikon FM2 1/4000 SEC shutter, the function of multiple exposures, except the lens to basically you don't have to update the escalating again on the fuselage, what the three-dimensional matrix focus, higher sensitivity, higher pixel updates, such as had nothing to do with you. Equipment normal operation, timely maintenance, spending less than digital system at any time, the secondary market price is relatively stable. As long as you take the number is not too much, also is not commonly used slides, commonly used color, black and white negative price is still reasonable.

Another good example of do not need to update, is a story of countless shadow of "father". The author didn't the blessing, but a lot of people, because the moisture proof box, find a generation who put in the home even old camera, wardrobe, bed and took up the film to katyn generation camera photography life on renewal. Electronic s camera, and durable always failed in several years later, and then pass a "no part", may be declared dead, become adornment, even electronic waste. Mechanical machine relatively durable and easy to repair, a camera as long as use properly, it can be used for decades, or even from generation to generation.

Conclusion: is often new beautiful from the restriction of the growth. In this hand also has an automatic focus, shoot camera/mobile phone s, a lot of classic photography theory gradually is ignored. Although the sensor with high capacity memory card, gradually to limit the film out of the mainstream, but the film limiting bring photography more thinking, looking forward to. From traditional tools began to learn photography, may bring you some trouble, but from the basic skills and ways of thinking, the future road of photography, will help a lot.

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