Get rid of 6 bad habits in 2017 to take your photography to the next level

Get rid of 6 bad habits in 2018 to take your photography to the next level

Get rid of 6 bad habits in 2018 to take your photography to the next level
New Year is coming. In the new year, you have any new ideas or photography inspiration? Here's a list of bad habits photographed, and you should read them carefully and discard them so that you can make even greater progress in the new year.

Do not impulse

When musicians learn new techniques or score, they practice slower than usual. Only when they master this technology, they will speed up. Photographers can also benefit from this principle by learning something new or shooting and by slowing down you can give attention to what you are doing and what is around you. On the other hand, too impulsive may let you shoot a lot of fuzzy waste of photos. So first consider the camera's settings and the structure, the light and other factors and then press the shutter, although you may miss the timing of a good workshop, but do not waste a lot of memory to shoot useless photos.
Do not superfluous

What is the correct post-processing is to know how to do it properly, not because you know every PS-like image processing software means you should apply them to every single photo.

Another typical example of over-processing is why you try to make a mediocre photo through the PS to make it perfect. A great rule of thumb is that how to fix a rubbish picture will not look good anymore. If the image itself is not enough, then delete it. Use post-processing to adjust your best photos, do not lose your time off. On the contrary, when you take pictures, try to improve their quality to reduce the workload of post-processing.


Do not be an imitator

If you find yourself shooting another scene in the same spot as dozens of other photographers, it may be high time to get out. Thousands of people photographs of certain places and topics in the same way. There is nothing wrong with learning other photographers, but you must be original and have your own definition if you want to be a famous photographer. So do not act what everyone else is doing, give up some clichés and focus on finding your own voice.

4. Do not appear too many elements in a photo

When you look at a lovely photo, they are usually very simple and have distinct themes. They concentrate on a limited number of elements, and any element that obfuscates the theme does not appear on the screen. Because the more elements, the more messy your photos become. If you wish to improve your photos, take a minimalist approach and focus on what elements should be retained for each shot.

5. Study hard

As a photographer, the camera is your single most important tool, so do not let it annoy you with tedious instructions. Be sure to periodically learn some new things about your camera and lens. By the end of next year, you become a seemingly young actor who has actually read the entire manual and knows every detail about the camera.

You are just an ordinary person

Nothing can hurt your photography skills more than you think you 're. If you think yourself a half-god photographer, you will not be able to see your defects and fix it. So do not get distracted or self-motivated by anything else. One of your photos received more than a thousand likes, who cares. You sold your first photo is amazing, success is good, but your next photo should be better.

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