beautiful landscape photo

How to Take more beautiful landscape photo

How to Take more beautiful landscape photo

Many students also enjoy taking photos of landscapes, canvas printing auckland and which have a good chance of containing the sky in a photo, then how can we make it more beautiful scenery photo? One of the very important skill is the 'cloud' is suitably added to the photo! This will take a while to learn how to ensure that cloud looks good doing it!

(A) different cloud have different recording modes
There are many forms of cloud, will change over time, we must know how to shoot when the shape of the cloud to the composition and decided to contain the elements to be determined by the distribution of the cloud with a (super) wide angle to shoot the big scene, photo prints online nz or use a telephoto lens to capture close-up photos.

(B) It is important for correct exposure
To take a cloud in the sky, printing photos on acrylic watching the clouds must have occurred without overexposure, if overexposed, the cloud will become a 'dead white' one, between clouds and no details can be regarded as failure of the works. How you can correct exposure shoot it?

Use spot metering (Spot Metering)
We can adjust the camera's metering mode to 'Spot', and then use the clouds to make metering, there is a requirement to use can be 'AE-Lock Exposure lock' to help the patterned metering, please watch this teaching.
Use +/- EV with 'high-gloss anti-white' display mode
If you do not want transferred to spot metering, you can use the buttons +/- EV appropriate to reduce the exposure, after taking a look at a photo heavy use of 'high-gloss anti-white' dead white display mode to check the situation (where there is no substantial flicker clouds appear Representative overexposed), yes, we have to further reduce exposure.
Use GND gray gradient filter
If you rely on to reduce the exposure to make the details of the clouds to reproduce the ground is likely to become underexposed, unless you want to take a photo Silhouettes, otherwise the effect is not ideal, then we can use the 'GND gray gradient filter 'to balance the light difference, so your photos will have details of the clouds, and the ground will have a normal exposure, a more professional look! GND about the use of methods can refer to this article.
Make more beautiful photos of landscapes secret

Utilize GND gray gradient filter to balance the difference between the sky with light ground.

(Iii) plus a good prospect
Prospects can make a nice photo richer looking, shot contains the same cloud landscape photo. We can select some interesting and complex landscape with prospects to shoot, if there was a clear outline prospects something, for example, dead wood, buildings, etc., we can take it into a silhouette; if you want to keep the details of prospects, it relies on GND gray gradient filter on it or mentioned in the RAW file for the system.

Even a simple prospect, can also make the photo more handsome with age.
(Photo by theoretician)

(Iv) pay attention to shutter speed
Photo shooting with spruce, our shutter speed will affect the shape of clouds, especially in the case of high winds:

Slow shutter: the flow can be made into a cloud-like, more suitable for cloud amount and under windy conditions, also typically use a tripod, there is a need also to use ND light microscopy
A fast shutter: If you want to avoid the clouds there is no clear or movement of people, we have to maintain a fast shutter speed, the greater the wind, the faster the shutter speed will be

The cloud landscape photo was added within informal techniques are often able to make a photo look more distinctive scenery and beautiful, dear students must pay attention to ah!

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