How to use the prospect to create a sense of depth photo

How to use the prospect to create a sense of depth photo

How to use the prospect to create a sense of depth photo

As we all know, canvas prints au one of the biggest obstacles to photography is that when you are faced with a three-dimensional sense of perspective has HTC scenes, can be used only two-dimensional way to record it, but often lose out where the soul scene depth formal scene. In order to revive the original actual scene that three-dimensional, we can add promising way to create a sense of depth picture.

When we take a picture, our passion will naturally in the body is projected on the subject matter, canvas prints online australia and ignore other elements that stand in between the lens and body, and these elements can actually be utilized as a prospect, and create meaning unexpected results. And other elements of photography composition similar prospects guide the viewer's attention through its own shapes, lines and shapes rhythmically flowing in the photo, and tends to enhance the visual impact of the photo.

What is the outlook?

When you are faced with a spectacular natural scene, you can usually put this scene is divided into three parts: photo canvas prints foreground, middle ground and background. For example, in the figure of the scene it is as colorful bush characters appear promising, and then behind the pond is the inner ground, and background is far from the natural forest.

Although the distance foreground, middle ground, background between them are not necessarily so harmonious, but it must be related to each other between them. When you sketch a picture so you can imagine, suppose your photo is an opera stage, photos of the background is the stage set, it provides a main stage and the tone for the entire story takes place in the environment to create, place, all the story is in this context of unfolding; center stage is the picture of middle ground, all the stories will happen here; the final prospect is the closest part of the audience, the band's position is similar to opera, is the most easily be heard and observed, and prospects generally Samaranch more details.

However, not all photos are have three parts, and some photographs only the foreground and background, and some is a completely flat, there is no relationship between the before and after.

How to properly use the prospects?

Prospects sure to include some of the more interesting elements, remember not to let prospects fell into mediocrity, you can try to put people, trees, boats, flowers, rocks or any other element as close to your prospects to put pictures. They can wake up photo added 'depth', and make your photos to create a virtual three-dimensional feeling.

When you conceived your photo, if you feel because your pictures look too flat, but the lack of three-dimensional, you can introduce prospects to add depth to your photos, it all depends on what you want to create that kind of effect. You can choose to put something as prospects, but most of the time we are ready and looking around the scene interesting element as prospects, or you can change the viewing angle of the camera, it is higher, lower angle shot, or shoot from one side of the scene.

For instance, in the following this with a group of oak tree as the subject of the photo, oak tree into a vertical arrangement. If you shoot in front of the row of seats oak tree, that the distance between them in photographs, the focal length, the size will be the same, the composition will be too boring, looking very bored. However, if you are a little to change the perspective and to shoot from the side, you get a whole new world. In the original composition of the oak tree presented sequentially from near and far, also because of the size of oak perspective showing the relationship between an orderly change. And when you take a picture like this show it when other people appreciate, their eyes will fall on the prospects for the first time, which is the largest tree oak tree, then they will be in line of sight under the guidance of prospects, gradually look to photograph distant, photo 'depth' and therefore is completely unfolded.

Similar reason, you can lower your camera view, so that the flowers on the ground, rock your prospects to join in, and they can also play the same leading line of sight, creating depth of field effect.

Other elements and composition similar to that we added the prospect is that it can increase the impact of our photos as a precondition, if it does not help us to better tell the story, or even destroyed the original harmony of the scene, dispersing the attention of the audience for the body, then we should not increase the prospects bartering for photos. You must remember that all the elements of the picture are for the service principal exists.

Sometimes prospects need not how complex, some simple graphics or lines can create unexpected results, the list goes on. Graphic image above ground is a good prospect, under its guidance, our eyes will naturally fall on the body as a photo of the modern style of the church. In addition, you can also use the wall extends, in particular elements of other fascinating material, etc. to find the right prospects for your photos.

Generally speaking, before taking pictures arrange your composition, boldly before the photo of your subject's prospects to join the fun element is a make your photos become 'Outstanding', and it becomes more of a very perspective effective way for photography enthusiasts who aspire to landscape photography, this approach is obviously very welcome.

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