Autumn leaves shooting skills

Autumn leaves shooting skills

Autumn leaves shooting skills

(1) Preparations before shooting

    We must first of its profits. Want to shoot good leaves, canvas prints australia photographic equipment is extremely important. Good idea to think how to shoot, ready to go photographic equipment, the following types of equipment has different purposes:

    1. Wide-angle lens: canvas australia wide to shoot the whole environment, the whole piece of red leaves of trees, but also for portraits, and the people included in the leaves environment. Alternatively shooting lines marked hue saturation branches as the foreground.

    2. Macro lens: photo canvas online Shooting leaves close-up, not too high for the shooting of leaves or the leaves, but also emphasize the use of blade clear context and texture.

 Autumn leaves shooting skills big run

    3. Telephoto lens: shooting portraits and leaves are suitable, and easier to manufacture bokeh, especially when the leaves grow too high telephoto lens will be very convenient! Further telephoto macro lens can do similar functions.

4. Tripod or monopod: When shooting macro security shutter slower, or due to lack of available light requires a longer exposure time, so if the recommendation is never too heavy to carry. Shooting leaves, the choice of low sensitivity, with a tripod, emphasizes the delicate texture.

In addition to ready equipment, photographers also need to pay attention to the weather forecast. If the rain would not recommend going, but if they do not too disappointed cloudy, exposure will be nice to see a little longer. Sunny weather of course good, but also pay attention to the sky no clouds, if not a cloud, the light would be more hard contrast of light and shadow will be very strong. However, the weather is not something we can control, to see luck!

(2) When shooting photography tips

In many photographic subjects, the shot leaves the difficulty is not high, mainly in mind the following three techniques:

Autumn leaves shooting skills big run

1. Note the location of the sun

In leaves for the subject, and back lighting can looks nice. Shun light for beginners easier to grasp, the sun probably in a position opposite leaves, beat out the color closest to the eyes to see, it is possible to retain the details of the environment nearby.

Backlit multi-shot in the afternoon or evening, when the sun is at the back of the leaves is backlit, so shoot out leaves will be more thorough and bright, but at the expense of background details.

Tips: When shooting backlit or use the center spot metering in the leaves above, otherwise it will become a silhouette.

2. Pay attention to composition, use of Bokeh

A good place to shoot leaves fewer people will not believe that we should pay attention to the composition and angles, to avoid unnecessary things into the mirror. Over the viewfinder to avoid crowds, but be careful framing avoid clutter. Take advantage of large aperture and long focal length manufacturing shallow depth of field leaves also make more prominent.

When you use the horizontal and wide-angle viewing, we can use a slow shutter to dilute the flow of people, but people need to pay attention to in order to make mobile fade effects, but if the exposure time is longer have the opportunity to appear overexposed, then we have to add the ND filter dimming .

Tips: patterned leaves photography, based on the principle concise. Make full use of light and shadow, shape, context, color contrast of nature, beauty and vitality of the performance leaves.

Autumn leaves shooting skills big run

3. The cost point of mind in terms of color

Since the leaves scenic colorful, mottled and varied, with high compression ratio of JPEG compression format is not very large, it is forced to use high compression ratio is prone to generate a pseudo color. So, if the camera permits, adequate storage space, should be preferred to shoot in RAW format, it should at least use high precision JPEG format.

Autumn leaves colors mainly red, orange, and yellow-based, should be taken attention to color matching, best not to put on and leaves the same color clothes, to wear contrasting colors, such as blue, green, etc., can also be white .

Tips: Shooting leaves, green background or dark colors, and the more simple the better. If the site is subject to environmental and angle, background clutter when you cannot handle, you can take low-angle shot from the bottom up, the blue sky in the background.

(3) After shooting image processing

One advantage of digital photography is that you can very easily later adjustment. I believe we saw a lot of wonderful pictures of leaves, but often in the real world we do not see that the same thing, it is because after post-processing. Here to introduce a few simple leaves post-processing methods:

1. Strengthening saturation

Shooting leaves, if overexposed, there will be saturation is low, the lack of tonal level, the picture then strengthened slightly overall saturation of the red and other colors are more prominent.

Autumn leaves shooting skills big run

2. Push the curve, especially in the red

Curve adjustment in Photoshop separate red, blue, green, and only when the subject wants to strengthen the red, the red channel can be displayed only 3. Special Branch color leaves

This is a more creative approach, select only the red part, the other part will be used for the processing of black and white, so you can only highlight the leaves. Some digital camera comes with features monochrome processing, giving a fresh feel.

Autumn leaves shooting skills big run

4. Do not rely too much on post-processing

Some photographers think of digital photography can be very easily adjusted late, so during the shoot exposure control is easy handled more casual. In fact, the only accurate image exposure, post-processing in order to obtain more satisfactory results, if exposure control is too broad, especially overexposed relatively serious, post-processing techniques in any case well, it is difficult to remedy. Management, but cannot remember too Hongyan.

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