Travel Macro Photography Tips

Travel Macro Photography Tips

Travel Macro Photography Tips

Travel photography reading

Microcosm – Why travel to shoot macro?

Macro world is very beautiful, print photos online nz because the macro can zoom in the microscopic world, is that we get to see everyday visual things, so more visual impact. Macro photography is not a mystery, but some photographers photographic mode for such a kind of elusive feeling, is mainly engaged in ordinary photography after that macro photography is an alternative way, in fact, it is the general macro photography extension of photography. When traveling, in front of bird fleas, you can use a macro shot the most shocking and beautiful effect, canvas prints new zealand as if the Angel Eyes is on your hands.

Macro principle you know…

Macro photography refers to the camera through the lens optical power, acrylic prints with the actual shooting large objects, etc. (1: 1) or slightly smaller than the actual image object. For example, to shoot a diameter of 21.6mm flowers, fill it in 35mm (diagonal length of 43.3mm) half of the area. In the photo, the flowers are larger ratio of 43.3: 21.6 that is 2: 1 (2x). Macro photography magnification is usually between 1-fold to 50-fold, strictly speaking, should be between 1 to 10 times.

   Travel macro photography how

1, use your best efforts to focus

 Macro photography, the trick is to focus accurately; because sharp focus range Macro photo is very small, only a fraction of an inch. For example, bees on flowers macro shot image, we must ensure that the bees precisely in focus; assume from the lens to the distance of the bees changed even less than 1cm, will lose clear focus. Therefore, in marvelous shooting macro photos during the focus is very grueling.

 To take something that moves insects, correspondingly higher degree of difficulty. CAUTION used. The tripod is still workable. However, to use a handheld, you need to pay attention to use at the time the shutter and shoot some more film in order to increase the chances of success. Of course, high-speed film helps increase the shutter speed.

 When shooting outdoors, spend even stand still pay attention to the wind problem. Many topics are easily captured by the wind, when the wind is also used in addition to and other than the object. Some former Friends of the shadow will carry umbrellas with black card for this purpose.

2, you can afford to use the best shot

It must be noted that, for imaging, the lens is undoubtedly important, the forum a lot of friends also keen to discuss differences in a variety of imaging lens, but really in the hands of the lens does not play in the most extreme. Quality Comparison of different lenses, and even challenge other models use a lens, lens with at least put their own good is.

Precautions when shooting:

If you are shooting still life like flowers, you can very carefully consider the light and shape. Large aperture can help you get excellent shallow depth of field, and a large transmittance, the film is not easy to empty out, and can be obtained aesthetic effect. If you shoot indoors, use a high-power household lamp and the like. In order to obtain a clear picture, the auxiliary frame camera steady tripod is essential.

If the subject is afraid to disturb the small insects and quick action, high-speed shutter is the first element. Get high-speed shutter, there are three ways, one using a large aperture. Second, the use of high ISO, but the high ISO images will cause rough. Third, using flash to avoid overexposure direct, please add diffuser on the flash.

Tips need it:

1. Use the remote control or shutter helps to get a clear picture, or use the camera's self-timer function.

2. Use the LCD viewfinder, because macro shot itself and will be the subject very close, and then use the viewfinder is not only indecent posture, the key is not easy to end the camera steady. Use LCD viewfinder lets the photographer patterned very calm and easy to see the final depth of field effect.

3. Note that the background to clear and concise.

4. Tourist attractions, like the erosion of stone, rusty locks and the like, in the macro will show a strong texture.

Carry essential items:

Black cloth: convenient arrangement artificial background, highlighting the main photography.

White, white cardboard (a certain hardness), small clip: First, you can easily fill light, the second is the wind, to prevent the flowers sway in the wind.

Water, a small watering can: shoot with unique flowers, spray a little water will make special photo Emmanuel, simpler solution is with mineral water, water mouth spray it most convenient.

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